A couple of words…

While I was waiting for my better half and communing with a lizard next to the dinghy dock I found myself making a list of words that really get up my nose. For starters, there’s the old standby of “Yacht” a word that raises my hackles every time I hear or read it. Which, is not t say I have an issues with yachts that are elegant works of art that only the rich can own but I do have issues of calling any boat not a yacht a yacht.

Off grid is another assemblage of words popular with YouTubers that makes me grind my back teeth. From where I come from being off grid is out in the boonies past the point where there is no power, shopping, or services and you’re on your own in a very real way. Sitting at anchor in any Caribbean port is in no way a hardship or even adventurous.

Meanwhile, I really wish I was off grid and unable to to get what passes for news as the world spirals to hell in a turbo charged wicker basket…

So it does go.

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1 thought on “A couple of words…”

  1. I was blissfully unaware of 9-11 until 9 days after the event. Being “switched off” is good for mental health.
    The double-edged sword of utube with excessive amounts of off-gridders, cabin makers/repairers and endless “we bought a boat” vids. I would steer clear of anyboat with a youtube logo plastered on it. Gotta give Yann Quenet his due, circumnavigated because he wanted to and never put his virtual pan-handler option into use. We all have/take choices…..

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