getting stuff done…

Today the plan is to glue up the self-steering rudder, continue thinking about a hard top Bimini and dodger. The current Bimini is fugly and not strong enough to carry solar panels. I have a few ideas but it remains to be seen whether they are cunning or “cunning” if you know what I mean.

That said, it’s a sunny day here in America’s paradise, So It Goes (and ll the tools I’ve been missing) is anchored next to us so working should get into high gear now. Though, the bulk of the work now is getting rid of all the less-than-needful stuff I’ve acquired and the operative word now is R-U-T-H-L-E-S-S because I need to be somewhere else come “H” season.

On a couple of different tacks, here’s an article about a new fashion in some quarters that resonates on so many levels that would be hilarious if it were not so scary insane. plus a bonus article about what to do when the neighbors get pissy about the boat in your driveway..

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