another sorta/kinda rainy day…

I’m currently waiting for a dry day so I can glue up the three boards set to become the new self-steering gear for the Islander. I’ll be upfront and say that I currently have a severe case of workshop envy. Which is not to say you can’t build a self-steering gear or dinghy on a boat at anchor but it is all kinds of easier to do it with a roof over your head.

Still, this new self-steering gear is a first for me as I’ll be using an USD vane (upside down) which I’m looking forward to seeing just how it works. All my past vanes have used the Auto-Helm sort of wind vane which works but the USD seems to be a better way to go as it’s simpler with better performance. More on the new gear as it develops.

I also need to build another dinghy as the two I currently have don’t quite fit on the Islander or suit my need list.. The usual suspect to build would be the old standard Bolger Tortoise (What can I say but it’s the most bang for the buck you can get out of two sheets of plywood). That said, I am giving some serious thought to do a more Life-Dinghy tender like the Atkin Tiny Ripple.

On the other hand, the B&B Two Paws nesting design always seems to be a contender as well.

Other than that fun stuff, I’ve got to sort out “So It Goes”, get rid of a lot of no longer needed stuff and get the Islander into cruising trim.

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  1. I am finishing redoing my dinghy into nesting…. added a bulkhead and cut it in half… fixed the fg on it and on to painting. Don’t have room for even a 8 foot on the front deck, this will be under 5.

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