Dollars and sense…

Being in the middle of a part time refit of our Islander has me thinking both about the cost of things these days, as well as the creeping loss of common sense where cruising boats is concerned. This morning I read a great article in Voiles et Voiliers about crossing the Atlantic with a 25-foot Sangria which seems to be an awesome example of cruising with common sense in an affordable manner.

Now, crossing the Atlantic in a Sangria is no big deal and I expect dozens have done it before and others will continue to cross oceans because it’s a boat that sails well, packs a lot of livability and comfort into a small affordable package. If you do the math, it’s a boat that makes a lot of sense.

And yes, dear reader, every time I have to buy something for the ongoing refit of the Islander I find I’m thinking that it would be so much cheaper if I had a smaller boat like a Sangria. On the other hand, if we had a Sangria I’d be limited to a single guitar.

Still, I’ll admit that I find the lionization of certain self-promoting folks doing mundane cruising passages in very big and expensive boats somewhat irritating not unlike those rich guys who get dragged up Everest and only make the summit because of the size of their bank balance.

So here’s a few boats you might care to follow if you want to connect with folks actually walking their talk. Sailing with Josh (currently mid-Pacific in his 20-foot Flicka), Speedwell of Hong Kong (a junk-rigged Vertue presently in the Philippines), and Sailing with Dawn Treader (maybe my personal favorite boat blog) should put you on the right track.

And you’re still here because?

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  1. Liked you comments re the Westerlies. They were the epitome of the small but sensible . low cost cruiser. Heavily and carefully built, never wildly fast but safe and spacious. I had a lot of fun sailing them. Superseded by fashionable, pointy, go fast , mostly French, designs which people found more exciting. But, less room, lightly built, much less comfortable. Westerly declined to change their design philosophy and went bust. Very sad. Plenty of them still around, bargains for crafty cruisers.

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