dealing with what some might think are too many guitars…

Over the last few months I’ve been thinking a lot about how to fit too many musical instruments into a 36-foot boat. You might say I really need a cunning plan to make sense of three electrics, two acoustics, a bass, a uke, a mandolin, and a piano/organ. Which, I’ll point out, not really a lot of instruments because they’re all different and serve various needs (as opposed to wants).

Right now, it seems most likely that I’ll just be giving up half of the starboard settee with some sort of yet to be envisioned rack where the instruments are easily accessible as well as protected.

Simple, right?

That said, while perusing various implements of guitar stowage I came across what is almost the perfect boat guitar reviewed by someone I respect where guitars are concerned. Even better, they’re cheap if you go with one of the less popular colors.

I could live with purple and it’s all kinds of tempting to have a $160-dollar carbon guitar that could do double duty as a dinghy paddle. Anyway, check out the review and you’ll see what I mean…

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4 thoughts on “dealing with what some might think are too many guitars…”

  1. Sounds ok with electrics but the carbon acoustic I tried to play was dead as a nail.
    Probably ok as a paddle then. Something my traditional piece of Spain would call sacrilege.

    1. I bought one (in white) and based on the reviews I was expecting far better sound. I agree with you it’s fairly dead. But it does play and looks like it’ll take abuse, and it is compact. It’s not even close to my 20yo $100 Yamaha acoustic. It’s much better than I would have expected, if I hadn’t read so many glowing reviews.

      I’ll be lowering the action and putting lighter strings on it, so that’s going to kill what little tone its got…

  2. Well, we have a Uke on board but wanted a real guitar…. We ended up with a Baby Taylor which sings pretty nice…. might get a second so I have one to play as well with my Yf. That would be about it for what we have in space. BTW we did try a similar sized Martin but were not impressed with the sound. I think what we have is what would be called half size. However, we are not live aboard…. if we were, I might want to have more too šŸ˜›

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