a couple of little boats…

Practical Boat Owner, otherwise known as PBO, has a small article talking about the Westerly Cirrus and Tiger that is well worth reading. That said, I have not a frelling clue as to what a decent sofa actually costs so, if anyone out there does maybe you could let the rest of us know in the comments.

The Westerly Cirrus is a small cruising boat but for someone who is well organized with a splash of spartan sensibility it just might make a lot of sense as a boat to get started with.

The Westerly Tiger is a kiss bigger but still in a the small enough to cruise with while being a very affordable boat that sails extremely well. As it happens one of our best memories was being invited to a Tiger we were rafted to for a cup of tea. As I recall there were seven of us and I was very impressed just how big a small boat can be.

The fact is that there are tons of good boats selling for peanuts in the 22-26 foot zone that could take you just about anywhere you cared to go and not everyone needs a fifty footer.

Just sayin’

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2 thoughts on “a couple of little boats…”

  1. Strangely enough you can spend about as much as you want to on a new sofa. Costco has perfectly good ones for around $1500. You can pay less (or more) at Bezos’ place or way-faire. If you go into a B&M shop expect to pay at least $1000 more, and if you go into a designer shop prices start at $5000. As far as I’ve been able to tell the extra cash does not get you any extra quality.

    Sound familiar?

  2. When I co-owned a grp Caprice in Chichester, the boat on the forward mooring was a Westerly Pageant 23, that thing seemed positively HUGE in comparison. A good boat for a single hander. Getting hard to justify small boats when so many yards have a “minimum charge” of 8m.

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