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Practical Boat Owner has an article on the recent ARC rally that I found both interesting as well as depressing. Mostly it’s about what stuff you need to have to cross the Atlantic.

Lots of stuff.

Expensive stuff.

Of course, the ARC has always been a favorite thing to do if one is big on buying stuff, spending money, and becoming part of a posse. But, credit where credit is due, the ARC folk have done a good job of catering to those folks and making some serious money in the process but I digress…

The thing about the PBO article is that it’s mostly about buying stuff rather than preparing to cross an ocean and geared to a slice of the cruising world that has deep pockets with an addicts need to keep up with the Joneses who, bless their hearts, would be lost without someone telling them how to spend money for stuff they may, or may not need. And, I should add, it does sell advertising space finest kind.

I have half a mind (Hey, I’m still blogging so obviously impaired) to do a post suggesting less expensive alternatives as well as pointing out the less needful bits but I’ll let you read the article and let me know what you think.

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4 thoughts on “stuff and more stuff…”

  1. Im not even going to read it, and that is coming from someone whos West Indies cruise was payed for by articles published by PBO. Its depressingly sad, a chap wanting to sail to the Azores from the UK was wondering what kind of satellite based system he should get for weather forcasting, and although nice to have if you can afford it, my offer of “a barometer” was kind of frowned upon. It seems a bit unfair to say ” a fool is easily separated from his money”, but i think its even easier when people are without some experience and are a little afraid.

  2. Makes you wonder how Saint Brendan managed. ( Or Tim Severin as well maybe) And Eric the Red, Cabot, Vasco da Gamma, Magellan, Drake, Voss, Slocum and all those other maniacs who forgot to buy their Starlinks, load their watermakers, shower units, solar panels etc. ad infinitum.
    I think they would have been amazed at all the gizmaniacs who won’t go afloat without a galleon load of gear.

    1. I don’t know; have you seen the cutaway diagrams of old sailing ships? They took everything and an extra kitchen sink plus cargo and trade goods. I’m sure they had all the latest tech like sextants and oil lanterns when all they really needed was a finger in the breeze and the sun over their shoulder.

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