5 thoughts on “Did someone say…”

  1. At 2.08……more like a “chicken breasted garvey? I like the minimal heel, That transom does not look like it was designed for a sailing boat. Mass of accomodation for its size, no doubt.

  2. Maximum room inside for the length. The paint scheme does a lot to hide the shape and … it floats right side up. The rig is a lot more complicated/expensive than it needs to be, even a schooner Junk Rig would be cheaper but a single free standing mast would work fine. The boat manufactures are trying to do this in “boat looking” packages already. It seems they can sell a catamaran for a whole lot more (it being three boats) so they have gone that route instead. In general a politically correct video… everyone has a pfd and foul weather gear on šŸ˜‰

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