depends on where you put the decimal point…

So, since I’ve pointed out that the Newport 28 s a pretty good potential VolksCruiser, I’ve had no shortage of emails asking me why they should consider one vs some more expensive reasonable facsimile.

Over in Washington state there’s a Newport 28 for $3.5K with an engine (though whether it works or not is not stated), what appears to be a reasonable sail wardrobe, and a decent dinghy. Oh yeah, it even has a wood stove!

The thing is, a 28-foot boat, whether it costs $3.5K or $35K, is going to allow you to do the same things, go about the same speed, and allow for a similar level of comfort.

And yes, Dear Reader, the $3.5K Newport 28 is going to require some money and sweat equity as it’s a boat. That said a $35K boat will have it’s share of issues and required work as well which is something you really need to consider.

As it happens, my morning perusal of craigslist via Search Tempest today seemed to have a plethora of very interesting boats at that $3.5k price point.

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