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Sometimes it’s important to know some history where boats are concerned. Take the Kelt 8.50 for instance. 

Designed by the team of Gilles Vaton and Patrick Roseo for Kelt it’s a pretty good example of what was hip in the early to mid eighties. Combining good performance with a very livable interior for a fairly reasonable price tag.

For me the shoal swing keel version is the one that’s more interesting with a draft of just a kiss over two feet lets you get into places most can’t.

The interior works just fine for a couple without a lot of baggage. The forepeak berth is doable for kids but mostly should be considered a storage area for real world use..

The Kelt 8.50 is also known as the Kelt 28, Kelt 29, and the FEELING 29.

The various names and the fact that Kelt was never real popular in the US of A makes the design fairly inexpensive on the used market simply because no one really knows what a great boat it happens to be.

Which makes it an excellent VolksCruiser to add to your search list in the 30-foot and under sailboat bracket.

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