and the battery I’ve been waiting for…

The first time I used a lithium battery was about thirty years ago when NiCads were the norm and this new battery chemistry was just starting to catch on. As a steadicam operator I was less impressed by the lithium batteries light weight but they were a coming thing and now the standard used in film making pursuits. That said, I still worry about my camera batteries spontaneously combusting.

Now lithium chemistry batteries is the go to thing on boats and while they make sense I’ve been waiting for sodium ion tech to get to the point where I can replace my lead acid golf cart batteries. This article give me hope that the change is going to be sooner rather than later.

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1 thought on “and the battery I’ve been waiting for…”

  1. Those with the knowledge have been making sodium battery racks for some time. I dont think all litjium batteries are the same when it comes to fire risk.
    I was a bit shocked when someone sent me a vido link (sailing with Thomas) who had a rack of 7 x 2.5Kw batteries, 17.85Kw total…….and…..”not enough”. Maybe that is the downside of being a youtuber and running starlink? I lived for 2 years with a single 120A/H lead acid truck battery and an single 18w solar panel. His battery bank would have paid for my boat and 2 years expenses. I pity the young folk who believe this is the only way.

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