the downside of recycling…

Right now I have a Bimini which is surplus to requirements that I just want off the boat. It’s not in great condition but it’s serviceable.

My plan is to offer it for free to anyone who needs such a beast as I can’t be bothered to try and sell it. As it happens, I also have a couple of sails that are no longer needed in the poor to fair condition so they’re in the giveaway pile as well.

Now, back in the day, a note on a local bulletin board would have people knocking on the door wanting to take such bits off my hands. Right?

Maybe, maybe not.

These days there seems to be very little interest in recycling and, if anything, a certain peer pressure to buy new rather than make do with what you already have, can get for free, or small money. The consumerist mindset is not just about buying stuff but influences the simple act of giving away stuff which results in stuff going into landfill that could be useful. Meanwhile, everyone complains about the high cost of things.

We’ll see how it goes…

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2 thoughts on “the downside of recycling…”

  1. Robert Cromwell

    Almost certainly a “Buy-Nothing” group on your local Facebook page(s) that should facilitate the speedy departure of no longer needed gear. “Free” works magic…

  2. Boatyards love old sails to use as durable boat-shaped tarps and drop sheets around the shop, and they could be used as a token to trade for a service that you might not have the gear to pull off on your own.

    Soft, old sailcloth is also great for resewing into sailbags, duffels, tool rolls or even cockpit shaped dropsheets to catch your mess when you’re whittling aboard.

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