and just a quick reminder…

We all make mistakes and cunning plans are not always as cunning as we’d like them to be.

For instance, the other day I had an idea that seemed at the outset to be a possible solution to a couple of problems. Solutions made even more attractive by the fact that if it worked it would save me a whole bunch of money. The more I thought about it, the better the solution looked and I was all ready to start spending the saved money on some nifty additions to the Islander.

I mean, seriously, it was a frelling brilliant cunning plan!

Of course, I’m more than aware that all of us are just a few steps away from being Dunning-Kruger poster boys, so I checked in with someone a lot brighter than I regarding sail making. He agreed that my cunning plan was workable which had me doing the happy dance. Well, that was until he added the proviso of “up to a certain size”. Which had me aborting the happy dance as I realized it would not work for my particular need.


Boat building and boat projects are always something of a tight rope affair of getting things right or wrong. Made worse, by the fact that Sturgeon’s law is especially true where boat building advice, cunning plans, and most available knowledge is concerned. Or, in other words, best not to trust forums, strangers in bars, and YouTube when doing your research for your brilliant frelling cunning plans.

Just sayin’.

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