a very cool boat…

Just after I got up this morning and cleaned off the reindeer turds from the coach-roof, I saw that Voile & Moteur had a write up for a design that resonated with me big time.

Since buying a fixer-upper Islander 36, I’ve had this somewhat hazy idea of how I wanted to adapt the design to the boat I wanted it to be and, while the Le Bestevaer 36 S/Y is not exactly what I had in mind, it’s damn close.

The thing is, while not possible to turn the Islander 36 into such a beast as the Bestevaer 36, it does contain a whole lot of ideas that I can mine for our benefit. So the question is just how close can we get to the utility of the million+ dollar Bestevaer with an $8000 fixer-upper?

More on the subject in the coming new year.

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