too close for comfort…

Today, I’m mostly finishing the electrics aboard the Islander. Or, to be more truthful, I’ll have 12-volts but will be chasing circuits for the foreseeable future because I have a spaghetti factory of wires that I haven’t a clue where they go or what they do.

Ah, the pleasures of a new old boat…

Of course, being that we’re right on the cusp of peak hurricane activity with a storm coming across the Atlantic pointed at us and set to close at the very peak of the season… Well, I’ll admit to being nervous. Luckily we’re currently in a well protected marina through September but there is really no place safe where hurricanes are concerned.

As for So It Goes, the plan would be to run over to Salt River which everyone admits is the best hurricane hole around but during Hurricane Maria, there were something like fifty boats lost and seriously damaged in that “safe” hurricane hole.

Where we hope the storm will pass by…

Next year, hopefully we’ll be anchored in a south-of-France anchorage imbibing a non-alcoholic Pastis.

Now, back to guessing what wire does what.

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