Big storm coming is someone else’s problem…

Well, according to the website How Close Can It Get that Hurricane Lee will be at it’s closest to me on September 11th being 350 miles away. From where I’m sitting that’s a very good thing as I’d much rather be working on the Islander than than tying-up two boats in the mangroves.

As far as the work goes progress is being made although I keep getting side-railed by lack of various bits and pieces. Take my word for it but the last place you want to be when doing a minor refit on a forty-year old boat is on the wrong end of the supply. But more about that later…

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1 thought on “Big storm coming is someone else’s problem…”

  1. Which is why that “cheap boat” location can be more important than the cheap price. Theres also the flip side, a boat in a yard in the UK needs a months work, almost everything is available on next day delivery, but that month in their yard with their on-site rules and cost of launching suddenly sees another $2500 vapourize.
    How I miss my old mud berth.

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