the reality of sorting out a new-to-me boat…

In one of Lin and Larry’s books they talk about their yearly purge of getting stuff off the boat that is not needed or not earning its keep. One of the best bits of advice I’ve encountered where boats are concerned.

Just this morning I spent several hours going through boxes of the previous owners’ and, while some of the stuff will be integrated into my stuff, we’re still at about 99% of just sending it to the dumpster. It’s amazing just what twenty years of accumulation amounts to in terms of space and weight.

That said, once we’ve finished sorting out all of the useless stuff on the Islander I’ll have to do a mega-purge of So It Goes and repeat the process all over again. I know full well that I’m just as guilty as the last owner of the Islander for keeping stuff onboard because it might come in handy some day or connect with someone who needs it.

Now it’s time to get to work and sort out a cunning plan for finding space for the watermaker because I’m pretty sure it’s not going to fit in the head.

More soon come…

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1 thought on “the reality of sorting out a new-to-me boat…”

  1. It applies to everyone, there is probably an equation where X=available space multiplied by time, will equal= stuff collected.
    Moved from a 30ft boat into a small cottage, but with a huge barn/workshop and 2 acres of land, at one point I had 7 boats lined up for renovation before even considering that I may have an issue.
    “Letting go” is one of those things many have difficulty with unless forced. Tools are hard to part with.

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