a sucker born every minute…

Not all that long ago, we flew over to look at a boat that was selling for $10K. Once on the boat we found so many problems and issues that no matter how much we liked the idea and design of the boat it was simply in such bad shape that there was no way we were going to take on a project from hell.

This morning I saw that the very same boat has been relisted and the current asking price is $28K. I expect the boat is still in the very same or worse condition that we found it but I could be wrong and pigs are flying in formation around it. That being the case, does one really want to buy a boat with porcine crap on the deck?

But seriously, the boat in question is an excellent example of the fact that, where used boats are concerned, a very large percentage of classic plastic is not a classic, greatly over-priced, and should come with a big ‘BUYER BEWARE!’ sign.

Sadly, someone will, more than likely, buy the boat for the overly-inflated price because he/she did not do the math. They then will spend a lot more money than the boat is worth fixing it up. I’d wouldn’t be surprised if they produced a YouTube channel to teach everyone how to buy and fix up a sailboat to go cruising and become influencers.

Well, providing they have access to a reliable source of T & A bikini content.

Anyway, the point being that there are a lot of great boats for sale for a good price but there are a lot more out there that just simply suck and are laying in wait for someone with a dream who doesn’t do their math.

Really, you don’t want to be a sucker…

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2 thoughts on “a sucker born every minute…”

  1. Project boat sales have slowed up big time here in Queensland Australia. I think people are starting to realise the YouTube BS soft porn pays for my boat thing is actually a lot of hard work and might not pay off in the end. No matter how you look at it boat restoration can be one long grind with actually not much reward when you find out you don’t like sailing and you don’t have enough Patreons to support your lifestyle.
    There was a $15k boat advertised here, now it has been relisted for $40k. It looks like it has had a Dulux rebuild in the last two months and is now waiting for another schmuck to purchase it.

    1. A “dulux rebuild”. Funny term, but horrifying prospect. Actually finding a good youtube channel is hard these days, the “nich”segment has gone to less than knowledgable people buying crap, making mistakes, not listening to advice, and give me your money. Entertaining to some.
      A boat i was considering in the US (im in the EU) was advertised as being in good solid condition, was sold beore i could make arrangements to view, but recently came back on the market for more money, but suffering from electrolysis damage. Its no better here, people advertise stuff expecting a schmuck to jump on their overpriced junk, and then upset they are not taken seriously. Whatever happened to honesty and being realistic?

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