a project that might be worth following…

The alternative being just another boat in landfill.

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4 thoughts on “a project that might be worth following…”

  1. Credit where its due, although “build channels” are more popular, they have been around long enough and according to statistical data, can probably upgrade to a much newer boat, so I am pleased to see them continue down this road. Maybe the sponsership deals that where in the pipeline didnt pan out. Anyway, one of the channels who does not go overboard on “clickbait”, which is why i still watch the content, unlike dozens of other channels I quit watching.

  2. bruce coouchman

    They, being architects and tech oriented, have most likely spent much time preparing their plans in detail. I hope subsequent postings go into that aspect of the project.

  3. Yeah, I can’t completely hate on these two folks. Yeah, they clearly came from affluent backgrounds, and as Ed Abbey said “It takes money to be a mystic”, but they’ve put in the work & sweat equity, and generally use good building practices instead of just slapping some epoxy on things and patting themselves on the back.

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