So, here’s a thought…

When looking for a boat you can afford, confine yourself to only looking at boats you can actually afford.

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2 thoughts on “So, here’s a thought…”

  1. How about when looking at a boat, only look at the ones you can afford to maintain. We can afford to buy a 40 footer but for our budget we can only afford to maintain a 30 footer to a standard we like. Which for us means a marina berth, comprehensive insurance and being able to do regular maintenance without affecting other aspects of our life.

  2. Having looked around the Dutch market this week, there are several 50ft+ boats within the buying budget, but as Drew above points out, the maintenance budget is beyond the resources availiable.

    Im fine with the 8m size, its the budget friendly marina bracket for berthing and lift outs, but short on deck space for a good hard dinghy. Compromises…..

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