and in the not a scow department…

Here’s a boat I’ve mentioned before both here and over at Boat Bits

It’s Roberto Barros’s Pop 25 design which is a pretty neat boat of the VolksCruiser persuasion. I’m putting it up here today because I’ll be talking about some construction details that might apply to another design tomorrow and you might want to refresh your memories.

More soon come.

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2 thoughts on “and in the not a scow department…”

  1. Would you do a review of what design characteristics makes a boat a Scow and what are the Pros and Cons. Is a Dutch Botter a Scow because of the blunt bows, flat bottom to dry out on, twin leeboards… Is the lovely Harry a Scow because of the wide beam, wide fore deck, flat bottom to dry out on….. even tho the hull comes to a point at the stem from the water line down? Annie Hills Fanshi is very Scow like with broad fore deck, wide beam, drys out….but has more of a V-hull than Harry and I wouldn’t consider it a Scow. About where on the continuum does a Scow cease to be a Scow and why? Here is the continuum in my head. SFbay Hay Scow, Dutch Botter, Maxi 650, Revolution 24…..Harry is just a Scow…Fanshi just isn’t and Hobie 33 with lifting keel is definitely not. Thanks

    1. I’ll be getting to that when I start comparing the various scows in more detail. That said the main rule is a scow does not have a pointy front.

      Hope that helps for the moment.

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