a surprising 28-footer…

I’ll go out on a limb and say the driving force behind designing a scow is getting the most useable volume possible within a small envelope while cutting costs in the process.

So, here’s a very interesting 28-foot scow.

The l’Optimum 28 by Gildas Plessis shows how you can sorta/kinda put the accommodation of a 45-foot sailboat into a 28-foot envelope. Its plywood and epoxy build is well within the skill set of anyone who can build a dinghy. If that’s too difficult it is also available as a kit with all the ply pre-cut.

The downside for me is that it is still going to cost you about the same as a 45-foot Bendytoy clone because while it’s only 28′ it is still going to weigh a lot more than you want to pay for. However, if you’re looking for a bigger boat for long-term family cruising something like this might be just what you’re looking for in theory.

While I like this design it is far from being a VolksCruiser but, hopefully, it might inspire some designers to VolksCruiserize it and turn it into a more budget-centric project with a shoal draft and affordable rig.

Next up I’ll get into some VolksCruiserish territory on budgets as well as some more scows in the pipeline…

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  1. As a antithesis a simplistic scow like Jim Michalaks 30 foot Boxtop might suffice. Built instant boat style with lug rig and single external centerboard of formply or whatever.

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