a good example of less being more…

 Here’s an interesting rig on Reuel Parker’s Terrapin 30.

What really appeals to me is not so much what it has but what it doesn’t have.

For starters, it’s a three stay rig made possible by a low center of effort. A low powerful rig requires less ballast which is no bad thing as it reduces heel.

A rig like this requires very little in the way of expensive hardware. The fact that a simple rig is also going to be a lot cheaper to build and maintain is just icing on the cake.

The wood tabernacled mast is owner buildable and serviceable plus, in the days of $500 mast stepping, the tabernacle will easily pay for itself from the get-go.

If I found myself with a CAL 29 or reasonable facsimile without a rig or a rig needing serious investment/repair I’d seriously consider doing a similar rig. Sure, you’ll scandalize some folks in the process but the rig will work just fine and there’s not much prettier than a gaff rig sailing into the sunset.

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