More on the Laura Cove thought process…

So, we we’re still talking about the Laura Cove 28

What’s to like?

  1. It’s got a very roomy interior and a lot of storage area for its size.
  2. It would be both simple and quick to build.
  3. It would not cost an arm and a leg in the process.
  4. The lug rig is simple, powerful and cheap.
  5. It’s towable.
  6. It has real shoal draft.

What’s not to like?

  1. It’s still a 28-foot boat and, while bigger than one might expect, packing in long range cruising gear, provisions, and the tools needed to make a living will be problematic.
  2. It has a really small cockpit.
  3. Like just about every other boat designed in the last twenty years or so, no real provisions or cunning plans to make all of the needful stuff (solar panels/wind generators/gas generator/self steering/dive gear/misc stuff that winds up on deck as a clutterfuck) integral to the mix.

 Think about all that for a bit.

Next up will get into the nitty gritty…

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1 thought on “More on the Laura Cove thought process…”

  1. Hi Bob,

    The only thing that gives me pause about this great design is the short cockpit. This cramps the helm if a second person is moving about, and makes the use of a scull or oars difficult.

    I'm thinking it would be fairly simple to lengthen the hull by 4ft, midships, and let the extra to double the cockpit.

    If the plans have been generated for 28ft (that is bulkhead dimensions computer interpolated for little to no lofting), it's possible that Mr. Roberts would generate the changes for you at very little extra cost.

    The considerable extra displacement and longer WL length from this approach would help compensate for extra costs.

    Cool boat!

    Dave Z

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