A cat that would make a great VolksCruiser…

A very long time ago, a good friend had an Iroquois catamaran and used to rave about what a great boat it was…Yesterday, looking at current Iroquois cats for sale, I have to admit he was right with an additional insight that they’ve also held up extremely well.

Not a big cat at 30 feet but many have crossed oceans and circumnavigated so they actually walk the talk. Even better, they do it with an amazing amount of livability in a small envelope.

It occurred to me that a lot of current designers of multihulls could learn a lot by looking at some older pivotal designs…

Anyway, the Iroquois cat, because it was well made, simple, they made a bunch, and their design is no longer what people consider a “proper” catamaran, can actually be found, from time to time, within reach of folks with a VolksCruiser budget.

For those wanting more information the Iroquois Owners Association is a very good place to start.

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