A couple of VolkCruiserish thoughts…

Lately I’ve found it interesting how the tiny house brigade has recently discovered that boats are excellent appropriate-sized dwellings. The real question is…

What the hell took them so long?
Anyone familiar with boats and cruising watching the tiny house movement evolve has found it something of a frustrating experience. Partly because they’ve been re-inventing the wheel on one hand and partly because while they mostly preach simplicity, frugality, and cutting ties with out of control consumerism, the tiny house movement has mostly become just about selling stuff.
Which is not to say there are not folks doing the right thing and fighting the good fight but it is important to realize that to a large number of folks, tiny houses are simply a means to expand their bank accounts, impress their friends with how hip they are, or indulge their consumerist habit in a way that seems socially acceptable. Or, in other words, just the same old same…
Which brings me around to the whole VolksCruiser thing and the kind of traps that lie in wait if you’re not careful.
Fact is, the whole VolksCruiser thing kind of falls apart if you go the same old same route because, whether you like it or not, the same old same where boats are concerned is very much married to what I can only describe as a predatory greedheads wet dream.
Of course, walking a different path and avoiding the same old same is no easy matter. It’s complicated and it requires constant vigilance because a lot of what those predatory greedheads are selling seems not only sensible but desirable and, mixed with a constant onslaught of peer/media pressure to conform, it is sometimes nearly impossible to resist.
Then there’s always the fact that conforming and following the herd is just so easy.
More tomorrow…

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