waiting for lugs…

I’m on So It Goes today sorting out a CARE package to take back to the Islander to complete the various projects. I’m also waiting for some cable and cable lugs.

It’s amazing just how work grinds to a stop when you don’t have all the bits and pieces in hand.

That being the case, we needed to sort out some non-boat issues and run errands. Life in the real world does have a nasty habit of making us jump through hoops.

The biggest issue I seem to be running into in getting the Islander ready to go is the fact that my tools, materials, and various miscellaneous needful thingies are not where I want them to be with half my tools on the other boat. That said, there’s not all that much work that needs doing but it sure would help if Mr Zip could get the little things down here a bit quicker.

Yesterday I saw a short video of a Pearson 367 being pushed along quite nicely with a 6HP Tohatsu and I briefly thought of how much more room I’d acquire if I were to swap the Yanmar 3HM for an outboard.

There’s certainly room in the port lazarette for a Atom Voyager style outboard install so it sorta/kinda makes sense but will have to be on the maybe someday project list for the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile, this sort of thing is depressing on so many levels that I’m just about ready to give up my belief that the good will win out over the bad.

More soon come…

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1 thought on “waiting for lugs…”

  1. News can be depressing. I did not hear about 9-11 till 10 days after the event, as I was at sea. Its a great reminder that being unplugged can be beneficial to mental health in a time most people are connected 24/7/365.

    I would run that diesel up until the moment you have to invest big money, then consider the outboard.

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