Working on that cunning plan…

We got the bulk of the no longer needed/wanted stuff off the boat and we are mostly pleased with the condition of things in general. No signs of buyers remorse at all.

For those with a need to know or keep track, our first purchase for the boat was four golf cart batteries which cost $861.91. Which, I’ll admit, was more than I cared to spend but but it was the best deal going and we’ve been happy with our golf cart batteries over the years so color me happy.

Today it’s back to So It Goes for a day or two to get more tools and sort out the plan for the next couple of weeks in terms of what’s needful.

More soon come…

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4 thoughts on “Working on that cunning plan…”

  1. How many amps? In the days when every youtuber and his dogs are going over to LiPo, one wonders about the actual usefulness of carrying around batteries that you can only use half (+/_) of the capacity. Having not used anything bigger than a single 200amp lead acid, the additonal costs often seem too much. But then, my electrical needs were minor compared to the majority. I guess air conditioners and watermakers and star-link end up sucking amps.

    1. The 6V golf cart batteries are 235 AHs so our bank is right around 450 AH. I’ll be going into detail on the whole electrical system which is very old school in a future post.

  2. Bob: considered a brief break to go surfing again? A re-energization has transpired with my discovery of hawaiian paipo boards here for the Oaxacan coast point breaks. For us older surfers a profound immersion in tubes and double overhead delight in 5-6 foot waves. I am posting my build pix at robgoad on instagram. The here and now stress buster feedback loop liquid blender euphoria for late 60s kinda salt head adherents.

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