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Being that it’s almost “H” season I’ve got a lot of get-the-hell-out-of-Dodge preparations to sort out. Hopefully, things will get a whole lot more sane once I’ve got the boat sorted out.

One area of concern is always ground tackle and I’ve been having a lot of thought about changing up the way I anchor and rethinking how best to approach anchoring when there is a possibility of Cat 5 storms becoming a usual thing rather than the exception.

So, I expect I’ll be doing a fairly detailed series on what sort of anchors make the most sense on a VolksCruiser budget.

In the meantime, I have some things to deal with the engine today and some related mods to the transom.

Fun stuff.

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1 thought on “Stuff to do…”

  1. When Cat 5 storms become “normal”, you know not to be there…….

    I always carried 4 anchors of different types, even on a 25ft boat. Each anchor could be set in-line or backed with another anchor on 25ft of chain. 100ft of chain and 250ft of nylon rode, allowed to set anchors out in opposite directions to allow for a big wind shift.

    Only ever backed up my main anchor once with a baby bruce, and never had to result to adding warp. Damn good insurance though, and i always slept well. I lent a 35lb Danforth to a French boat in Cape Verde, who had a light anchor, as that was the minimum the rules stated he should have.

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