something that pisses me off…

So there’s this guy who wants to buy a (new to him) boat to sail off into the sunset. As it happens, he also has a YouTube channel that has quite a few followers and more often than not his videos are both entertaining, as well as educational. 

Just to be fair, I’ll point out that his last boat rehab/refit was sometimes painful to watch due to his rather steep learning curve and boat building skills but in the end he got the boat launched and cruising in a reasonable amount of time and it floated right side up.

He’s a guy who learns from his mistakes which is one of the most important boat building skills and surprisingly rare. Thus armed, I expect his new boat will come together successfully in a reasonable amount of time and within a sustainable budget.

Apparently, there are a lot of people who don’t share my opinion that his current choice of project boat makes sense as his comments sections are rife with naysayers telling him that he can’t, it will all end in tears, and if he takes on the project they’ll go watch some other channel more attuned to their idea of how to choose a boat.

From my experience, naysayers have seldom, if ever, built or refit a boat. There basic mindset seems to be “If I can’t do something, nobody can” so they spend their time telling people how to live their lives and take exception when you go your own way.

The sad part is that the naysayers (AKA assholes) exert a relentless pressure that can be a real obstacle to getting a project completed. Back when I was building the first Loose Moose, I was getting so much negative input about the rig that I lost confidence and found myself in a depressed death spiral that turned a two-day job into a month-long stasis where almost nothing got done.

The project in question is a Wharram cat, that for me at least, seemed like a pretty good boat to fix up. Sure it looked like a dog’s breakfast that would require some money and a serious application of hard work but it looked doable. Just for the record, I’ve built a Wharram, know how they go together, and have finished quite a lot of boat projects, so I have some idea of what I’m talking about. If his project boat was up for sale here for twice as much as he paid, I’d have bought it in a second.

Wharram cats are designed to be both affordable and easy to build. While they may not be the flavor of the month, they are good boats. Why they seem to offend so many is a mystery to me but then you just can’t fix stupid.

Anyway, check out the project because I expect it will be a fairly interesting, educational, and entertaining series. I know I’ll be keeping an eye on it and rooting for a successful end because I just love to see naysayers pissed off.

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