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Checking Craigslist this morning I saw there was a Pearson Triton being sold off at a marina in the San Francisco Bay area for $750. You might say it caught my attention. 


It’s a great design, Dan Spurr used the Triton as his main example of how to fix up a small boat for cruising in his “Spurrs BoatBook Upgrading the Cruising Sailboat“which amounts to a great how to do it guide.

James Baldwin circumnavigated his Triton twice and now is an awesome resource on how to make small boats better and a great resource on all things Triton with an excellent website and a wonderful YouTube channel.

The going price for a good to excellent Triton seems to be between $10K to $28K so a fixer upper for $750 that’s floating right side up and appears to be in OK condition is certainly a good candidate to check out.

What I particularly find attractive about the idea of refitting and cruising a Triton is that all of the brain work has already been done for you. Between Spurr’s book, James Baldwin’s books , articles and videos you pretty much have the answer to any issue you’d encounter in the project.

For example take a look at one of the Triton refits on Baldwin’s Atom Voyager channel;

I’ll be honest and say that if the Craigslist ad was down here I’d be there with money in hand as fast as I could get there as it would be a great boat to fix up and resell for a profit…

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