On the subject of the new norm in cruising boats…

There’s a post over at Interesting Sailboats on whether the Pegasus 50 is the perfect fifty-foot long range voyage yacht or not. It’s (like everything on his blog) well worth reading. I mention this as it would appear that fifty-feet is becoming the new norm for cruising boats and it says a lot about what cruising has become in 2021.

The problem for me is that the bigger more expensive boats just don’t scratch any of my itches and in fifty-odd years of watching and using boats I’ve noted that the bigger boats tend to do less with more while smaller boats fall more into the do more with less mindset.

Part of the appeal, for me at least, of lower budget and smaller designs is that to make them work to their full potential you have to get creative. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t quite get the challenge vibe to be creative on a Million dollar boat.

Still, like I said it’s a great post and you should read it because even dedicated VolksCruisers need to be aware and keep their situational awareness at full tilt boogie in these interesting times.

And, as long as we’re talking about interesting times…

I’ll mention that I’ve been thinking of doing a VolksCruiser Design Competition and would appreciate any input on the subject from readers in the comments.

Hopefully more info soon come.

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