$0.20 a pound…

So this morning I noticed a Morgan 27 for sale for $1400 or best offer and a couple of things came to mind…

First, that it was whole lot of boat for very little money and, secondly that it worked out to twenty cents a pound.

Let me repeat that…

$0.20 a pound!

Truth be told, there are very few 27-foot boats of the classic plastic variety that I’d rather find myself living aboard. Especially if you factor the $1400 price tag.

Being a small and simple boat anything that needs fixing or needful improvements/upgrades are going to fairly easy, affordable, and is not going to take lots of time. What’s not to like?

Little boats, little problems!

As far as interiors go the Morgan, being quite beamy, has better than average livability and stowage. Which is kind of surprising as it was designed and marketed as more of a racer…

Bottom line is it’s a great example of a volkscruiser.

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