What is Hip…

Hipness, what it is!
Hipness, what it is!
Hipness, what it is!
And sometimes hipness is
What it ain’t!
Or so goes the refrain from Tower of Power’s best known song (as well as being one of my all time favorites).
If you were to read today’s modern yachting rags you’d think that ever bigger and ostentatious catamarans were the epitome of Hip and, in some circles, you’d probably be right.
Of course, that trend has already peaked and even in the yacht press they’re casting about for the new h
Hip thang. Tower of Power pretty much nailed it…
There’s one thing you should know
What’s hip today
Might become passe

I expect that, sooner, rather than later, overly conspicous consumer products are not just going to become no longer Hip but decidely UnHip… The signs are already there if you have your ear to the ground.

Big changes are coming…

That said, while smaller more frugal boats may never be the epitome of Hip they’ll never be the more dreaded UnHip. I can live with that…

Just something to think about while you listen to the band…

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