and about that two-edged sword…

Everyone wants good stuff…

I know that. I want good stuff for my boat and you want good stuff for your boat because good stuff is better than bad stuff and hey, we’re not stupid. The problem is that for those in the grip of serial consumerism, it’s not about good stuff but all about having the newest bestest good stuff.

Which works out finest kind for folks like me!

Every time I go to a marine flea market I find some guy selling last year’s product of the year for pennies on the dollar because he (being a serial consumerist wonk) needs to make room for this year’s product of the year.

Seriously, think about that for a moment or two…

In some cases I’ve even come across stuff that was brand new in the box because the wonk never had time to install the item before the new bestest product came along.

What can I say but being a slave to the consumer god can be a bitch.

So, when outfitting your VolkCruiser all you need is a little patience, a sense of the need/want equation, and the ability not to get sucked in to the consumerist trap. Do that and you can have as good or better than you need at pennies on the dollar…

Nuff said.

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