The thing is good deals do exist…

I saw an interesting boat for sale over at eBay

A Washington State based Coronado 35 for $6500 and, judging from the photos, a boat in pretty good condition considering it’s around 42 years old.

Of course, like all boats for sale new or old it will have some sort of problem that needs dealing with but hey, it’s a boat and there is always something…

Bill Tripp designed it and I can’t think of an instance where Mr Tripp drew a bad boat or met an owner who was an unhappy camper.

I’d say this is certainly a boat worth taking a look at and I’ve always thought that the Coronado 35 made a lot of sense.

On the other hand, I feel it is also prudent to say that anyone looking for a boat to buy should look long and hard at a boat so be sure to take off those rose-colored glasses for the duration of the process…

The thing is, good deals do exist… it’s just that they don’t last very long.

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