A point well made…

A pretty good reality check where expensive, bespoke, and bombproof products are concerned that just don’t need to exist.

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4 thoughts on “A point well made…”

  1. Point isn’t the using of it, it’s the having of it so all your friends can see how posh you are. Especially when you’re being ‘rugged’. You’re being deliberately obtuse, no? What gets me is that for some things (not this) I’d really like a bulletproof luddite friendly version. Just charge what it costs to make it plus a reasonable profit… Too much to ask?

  2. The thing is if you have to have it then I found a few on US Facebook marketplace and the cheapest was $85. You can still be “hip” (LOL) without spending a million dollars.

  3. Almost always possible to make up a cheapie replica.
    An example to go with the ice bucket.
    In our cold damp European winters I need a bread proving box. Buy on line.$250
    DIY = a polystyrene cooling box + a small electric warming mat for growing seeds + a thermostat. Total $ 35. Works just as well. Low cunning and a small wallet seem to fix most things.

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