a fact I found surprising…

I recently read how the average American throws away seventy-nine pounds of clothing every year. Considering that the population of the USA is somewhere around 333 million people so that’s like 2.6 trillion pounds of clothes going into landfill every year. Offhand I’d be really surprised if I had 79 pounds of clothes in total.

I suspect that’s part of why some people want bigger boats as they need really big closets…

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2 thoughts on “a fact I found surprising…”

  1. That doesn’t surprise me, our clothes get worn out then the best ones become rags.
    The wife (Tina) and I shop all the time at thrift stores and it’s surprising how many clothes I get that still have tags on them. For our kids who grow so quickly second hand clothing makes more sense. I remember Tina once finding a load of kids clothes from Harrods in a charity shop. The kids looked real stylish despite paying almost nothing for their outfits. One school here even held a school dance where everyone wore recycled outfits.

  2. Interesting word, ” average.” In the Uk the poorest third of the population are desperate for clothes of any sort, getting what they can from charity shops. The rest are just about stable, while the top fraction can afford anything and everything they want. Well reflected in the yacht market where so many folk are getting rid of boats they cannot possibly afford any more while the yards making boats costing over a million seem to be as busy as ever.

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