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I noticed this morning that there’s a junk rig Virgo Voyager for sale on the JRA forum. I’ve always liked the Virgo Voyager as it’s a lot of boat shoehorned into a 23′ envelope. Even better is its shoal draft with bilge keels and it is one of the few production boats available with a junk rig from the factory.

It has a surprising amount of room and livability considering its small size and I’ve always considered it to be right up there with the Flicka in terms of great pocket cruisers. The upside is since it’s not as hip as a Flicka it’s a whole lot more affordable.

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3 thoughts on “Worth checking out…”

  1. My friends father owned one, called it “Sea Tardis” as it had more room inside than appeared from the outside. (Dr Who fan)
    I saw one sail into Fort De France in Martinique, so at least one has crossed the Atlantic. Ticked a lot of boxes for a young family.

  2. I note the same broker has another Newbridge boat, the Pioneer 26. Check out that accomodation. Also sold with inside steering with a raised pilot house, as the “Pioneer Pilot”.

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