a couple of good $400ish deals…

So, here’s a couple of interesting project boats someone might be interested in…

For starters there’s a Crealock designed Ericson 26 selling for $400 bucks up in the no man’s land between Port Townsend and Anacortes. The Crealock design is, in my opinion, a better boat than the Pacific Seacraft Dana. The beauty of a fixer-upper 26-foot boat is that even if the boat is in dire straights a full refit is not going to cost much more than $3K with a reasonable amount of sweat equity.

I’ve also noticed that there seem to be a few Bill Tripp Columbia 26’s that need fixing up in the $400-500 dollar range that seem to pop up on a regular basis. So you might want to add “Columbia 26” to your Search Tempest list.
Either design is well worth checking out and more than able to take you most anywhere you’d care to go.

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