Eleven factors that come together to make a VolksCruiser…

I’m often asked just what a VolksCruiser actually is in terms of solid definition and, for the most part, my answers to that particular question tend to be somewhat vague. It’s akin to Justice Stewart’s famous quote on what pornography is…

“We know it when we see it”

Which is pretty much how I’ve approached what a VolksCruiser actually is in that I know one when I see one. Or to be more precise, I recognize a variety of factors that come together to make a boat a VolksCruiser, such as:

  • Under forty feet in length
  • Simple user repairable systems
  • Minimal carbon footprint
  • Well equipped to anchor
  • A boat that costs no more than $1000 a foot in cruising mode
  • A boat that can be sustainable on a given budget

Which, it would seem, also describes a whole lot of cruising boats. The catalyst of what actually makes a boat into a VolksCruiser is really the mindset of the person cruising the boat. Who will exhibit a variety of needful traits, for example:

  • Creative frugality
  • Sensible maintenance strategies
  • Critical thinking
  • A keen sense of situational awareness
  • An elevated understanding of value as related to budget

Throw all those various factors together and you’re in VolksCruiser territory.

Obviously, “less than $1000 a foot” is a pretty wide range of boats and the whole VolksCruiser vibe centers around the “Less is more” thought process so that the actual cost of a VolksCruiser in cruising mode really should be significantly less.

Next up on the subject we’ll be talking about the reality of how a VolksCruiser budget might work…


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