a quick observation…

Boat design and boatbuilding are not exactly rocket science…

Rocket Crash by sonicbomb

And, just maybe, that is no bad thing.

That said, it would be a very good thing to do your homework on the subject of boat design and the practicalities of putting a boat together before you embark on any major boatbuilding or boat modification/rehab. Really, there are a lot of good books on the subject and the time it costs you to read and digest them will pay off in many ways and most importantly helping you avoid having a boat that does not float right side up.

On the other hand, if you’re crazy and not very bright you can do what a lot of folks do and go the internet forum route which will be counterproductive in terms of  building or fixing your boat but it will be highly entertaining to folks like me who enjoy a great clusterfuck as long as it’s somebody else flailing around making a fool of themselves… Just saying.

More about those books you should be reading tomorrow…

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