Every once in a while I’m confronted with what can only be insanity when dealing with various marine vendors. For instance, while looking for a couple of Imray charts one particular chart caught my eye because it was priced at $199.99 which is just batshit crazy. I expect that it’s a case of a chart being mis-priced but looking through their catalog there are a lot of silly prices so who knows. Maybe they’re just working on the assumption that credit card captains will just pay whatever asked and are just too dumb to figure out what a chart should cost.

Anyway, be aware that way too many marine goods have stupidly high pricing.

One place that has reasonable pricing and quick service is which is my go-to place where anodes are concerned.

Meanwhile, how about a bit of situational awareness…

An interesting read, climate change deniers might want to take note, and in the “just like a burning sack of shit left at the front door” department…

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