something from the “not really surprising” files…

I just saw that the Chinese auto builders are coming up with cheap EVs and the prices really took my breath away.

Try $9,698 on for size. Which, I’m told, is $50K less than the average EV available in the US of A.

Almost makes me want to go out and buy a car. Which, considering I have not owned or driven a car since 1979, says a lot. Of course, I don’t want to drive such a beast but since the selling price for such a beast is less than what passes for EV conversions for boats you could cannibalize the motor, electronics, and batteries and still come out way cheaper than some marine business is going to do it for.

Then again, that would be overkill and you’d be a lot better off finding a comparable deal on a Chinese golf cart which is more along the lines of what you would need.

Since we’re speaking of goods made in China I just bought a bunch of stainless mast steps for nearly nothing ($4 dollars a pop) and it’s taking less than a week to get here. Considering that plastic mast steps that were more than likely made in China cost $28 a piece here I’ll let you do the math and make your own conclusions.

On another tack but still involving greed and pimpage you might want to check out what some sailing influencers are pimping these days.

More on the mast steps soonish…

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