sailing media or something like it…

I recently sat down and wrote a very long rant about what was/is wrong with what passes for sailing and cruising videos and, at least, had the good sense not to post it because who needs scathing negativity these days?

Am I right or not?

I mention this because I’ve heard that the one of the few US sailing and cruising magazines that’s still worth reading is about to quit publishing and it’s more than sorta/kinda depressing. Of course, I’ve been on record for a long time that there’s a lot missing in sailing related publishing as it is. Being light on creativity and heart pretty much leaves it a wasteland of pimpage and articles chosen to attract advertisers rather than readers. Sure, every once in a while a decent article or story will find it’s way to being published but it’s such a rare thing that most miss it because we just read the ads these days,

So, as they say, another one bites the dust, and while it was not on my favorite things to read at least it was better than most. Which, considering the low bar we have set is no great loss but simply shows the vast void of what should be a genre full of awesome writing.

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1 thought on “sailing media or something like it…”

  1. Gave up on magazines years ago, long after i was a paid for contributor. I have no sunscriptions to online magazines. Even pootube channels become victim (or should that be beneficiaries) of the free solar panels, batteries, power stations, water makers etc etc. I dont mind a good advert for a good product, but a pootuber with a big following really should not have been promoting Jackery stuff, IMO.
    Having worked in the print trade, magazines are not cheap, when compared to online versions, its no surprise half the mags are advertising.

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