about time to get somewhere else…

As they’re already forecasting a nasty “H” season, it’s way past time for me to be considering the various options that make sense. Trust me, it’s a whole lot better sitting in a French sidewalk cafe than it is being in the mangroves waiting for all hell to break loose. Since we’re speaking of hurricanes, no one ever seems to talk about how awful the aftermath of a major storm can be when most of the roofs on island are missing and every single power line or telephone pole is down.

Like I said, it’s time to consider our exit strategy for the coming season.. So, what’s on the table so far…

Well, for starters, a trip to the Azores and then to the Canaries for a couple of months and then popping down to the Cape Verdes is somewhat attractive and the Cape Verdes would be a great jumping off point for the Caribbean or further south to South America (Brazil/Uruguay/Argentina). That said, while Argentina is a good place for folks with dollars at the moment, it would require the purchase of some socks, long underwear, and skis if we continued south and go through the Beagle channel into the Pacific. The idea of working our way up the Chilean coast with fly rod in hand has a certain appeal.

Or we could always go back to Europe, North Africa, and the Med except the Schengen treaty (ninety-days in & six-months out) is problematic at best and really not my idea of laid back cruising at all. Still there might be a lot to be said for the cruising hot-spots of Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Cyprus, and Romania.

Then there’s what most people do. Just get far enough out of the hurricane zone and just hang out in Panama, Trinidad, or the Grenadines to name a few.

So many options and so little time to sort out the needful. More on the subject as it develops.

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  1. Nice to have options. Would love to read about your experiences cruising in Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Cyprus, and Romania.

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