a moan inducing project…

I’ve not forgotten the DIY self-steering post that sits unfinished on my desktop. Truth is, I’d much prefer finishing it rather than the internal combustion clusterfuck I’m sorta/kinda dealing with.

The problem is mostly that I just don’t like working on engines for starters as engines are, more often than not, oily messy contraptions that are installed in spaces way past uncomfortable for someone who’s 6’5″. Made worse by previous owners habit of doing stuff their way as opposed to what might pass as the norm.

The engine, a Yanmar 3HM, works OK but I’m somewhat driven to make it better and sort out all of the “What were they thinking of?” issues that seem to make the 3HM one big greasy, oily and just plans nasty conundrum.

Like where is that blue wire supposed to go and why is the tach not working?

In hindsight I really should have just sold the engine and replaced it with a 9.9 HP Yamaha high thrust motor in an Atom Voyages inspired installation which would have made more sense in a lot of ways.

As for other projects, today I get to do some woodwork which is a nice break from messing with the 3HM.

Hopefully I’ll be getting back to the self-steering thing this weekend.

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1 thought on “a moan inducing project…”

  1. I grew up on a farm this despise dealing with engines. Could you unload / self that Yanmar + Transmission down there without a bunch of drama and then do the outboard well? That’d get rid of 3 thruhulls too.

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