On the subject of demining the galley area…

Today I get to get rid of a three burner propane with oven that I’m pretty sure has issues I don’t want to deal with. The previous owner of the boat, apparently, was not someone who cooked very often if ever.

Which is no bad thing because when I was first confronted with the propane installation on the Islander it seemed more a job for a bomb disposal expert and I quite understand why someone would be leery of turning on the stove to warm up some soup. So, anyway, the stove and related ordinance will be better off the boat.

Of course, being a huge fan of “The Riddle of the Sands” there’s the whole attraction of the Number 3 Rippingille stove episode is strong and while I’d love to heave the whole mess overboard, I’ll refrain and put it where it might connect with someone in need of a fixer-upper stove.

Oh yeah, here’s something from the very good idea department you might want to share with your friends…

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1 thought on “On the subject of demining the galley area…”

  1. Rob. Would be interested to know what you have available chez you to replace the gas cooker system. I have looked high + low for a non gas stove but with the demise of the good old alcohol ones there seems little alternative. Couldn’t find a Taylors Para – fin one used for anything but a ludicrous price. The alco stoves are now being produced in Africa but not available anywhere else.
    Settled for a sale price gas cooker, oven ., grill, hob ,but as it’s in the central cuddy of a cat I have put in drain plugs, and the door sill is very low as well. Hoping this will tip any possible leaks over the side. Not so good on a mono though.

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