income streams and chicken shit in the cockpit…

I just saw that there was a boat currently selling eggs in St Thomas and thought it was kind of cool if only as a source of non refrigerated eggs. Combine that with the high cost of eggs from the local super market and it starts making real sense. Though, to be honest, I’m not sure having a half dozen or so chickens is doable on a 34-foot boat. 

Just another income stream to add to the list of possibilities.

One of the big issues with VolksCruising budgets is that the expenses of cruising are a lot like a death from a thousand cuts. A dollar here, twenty there, and and some pocket change adds up to a real budget killer by the end of the month.

Most of us think in terms of a single income source and too often that source is whatever you have in the bank. For most of us,that amounts to a rather too-finite number and it’s amazing how quickly all those little expenses nibble away at it. We’re all pretty good at budgeting the big numbers but in my experience it’s the incidentals  that give me those WTF moments at the end of the month.

So yeah, selling eggs, busking, refrigeration work, rigging, or selling sailboat fishing kits all make sense as small income low profile side hustles. Which together might just be enough to keep you cruising.

I’m pretty sure I’ll get someone writing me to mansplain that everybody knows sailboats and cruising is an expensive endeavor that small side hustles can’t fund the operating costs of a a proper cruiser and its crew so if you don’t have deep enough pockets you should just stay home. Sure, I’ll grant that it’s good advice for cruising and sailboats in the consumerist modus operandi but it’s a tried and true method where VolksCruisers are concerned.

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