Charles Morgan is no longer with us…

Yesterday I heard that Charlie Morgan was no longer with us and it got me thinking about some of his designs. 

While there’s something about the look of his Out Island series that sorta/kinda rubbed me the wrong way there’s no denying that they are prime candidates for VolksCruising. Just take a look at the Out Island 33…

Way overbuilt with moderate shoal draft as befits a boat designed to go into charter it’s a lot of boat in a smallish envelope. As they made a lot of them they can be found for a reasonable price and since they were built like a tank they’re mostly in pretty good shape.

Two other Out Islands with great VolksCruiser potential are the Out Island 28 and Out Island 30 that are both well worth taking a look at.

Charles Morgan designed a lot of sailboats boats as well and his body of work is as impressive as you can get so well worth a study.

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